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A true innovation in HL7 message distribution. The HL7+ Postmaster is the greatest HL7 software you never knew that you absolutely needed!

HL7 PostmasterWhat does the HL7 Postmaster do? That is a difficult question to answer in a short space because it can do a lot of different things. Sometimes in the real world creating a HL7 interface can feel like you are trying to put a square peg into a round hole, especially if you are using off the shelf components and tools. It seems like you can do almost everything that you want, but not quite. The HL7 Postmaster can help fill in a lot of those blanks for you by doing things like: 

  • Splitting 1 HL7 feed into many
  • Consolidating many HL7 feeds into 1
  • Filtering out unwanted messages
  • Transforming HL7 messages
  • Publishing Documents (PDF, HTML) created from HL7
  • Interfaces with the HL7 SQL Schema Engine
  • Deliver HL7 over the internet via HTTPS
  • And much, much more!

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Download The HL7+ Client Console

MS Windows 64 bit .MSI installer Click HERE to download the installer for the MS-Windows 64 bit operating systems.