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Process HL7 messages directly into an MS SQL or MySQL database with this simple to configure and use system.

 Create 1 or more easy to follow schemas of data tables, turn it on and the rest is up to you. Creates an instant data warehouse of HL7 message data and makes it extremely easy for you to move data from our schema into your own. You work the database and leave the HL7 to us! With this product you can be up and running, importing HL7 messages while you would still be reading the installation manual on other HL7 database products.

The UltraPort SQL Schema Engine for HL7+ is a robust, scalable, safe, affordable, easy to use, understand and implement solution that delivers maximum performance for a minimum investment of both money and (more importantly) time. It installs on your client computers/servers when you install the HL7+ Client Console. It has many great features including: 

  • Works with MS SQL or MySQL
  • Import HL7 messages OR
  • Use the database to create HL7 messages
  • Database maintenance runs constantly in its own Windows service
  • Extremely easy to set up and configure

SQL Schema Engine

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Download The HL7+ Client Console

MS Windows 64 bit .MSI installer Click HERE to download the installer for the MS-Windows 64 bit operating systems.