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Our HL7 message WYSIWYG viewer/editor with several truly unique features.

HL7+ NotepadThe UltraPort HL7 Notepad for HL7+ contains all of the functionality you might expect from a graphical HL7 message editor, but it does much more! You can even use the HL7 Notepad to import HL7 messages from your database using our HL7+ SQL Schema Engine. You can design HTML templates to produce documents (HTML or PDF) from your HL7 messages. Generate documents manually in the Notepad OR export the HTML template and use our HL7 Postmaster to publish automatically as the messages arrive in a folder. In literally minutes you can start with ONE HL7 messages and use our powerful transformation engine to replicate that message into THOUSANDS of different clones with randomized or static data throughout!


See Also: Online Help for the Notepad and other HL7+ Features

Download The HL7+ Client Console

MS Windows 64 bit .MSI installer Click HERE to download the installer for the MS-Windows 64 bit operating systems.