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To receive HL7 messages over TCP/IP you need what's known as HL7 TCP/IP Listener software (HL7 Receiver).

HClick to ZoomL7 listener software runs on your computer/server and opens up a specified IP 'port' number and 'listens' for HL7 message data to be sent to it by another HL7 message sending application. When you install the HL7+ Client Console on a computer/server all of the features are automatically installed as well. This means that every HL7+ Client will have the UltraPort HL7 Listener for HL7+ installed and available for you to use. Just add 1 or more Inbound Ports to your HL7+ Client Installation and you're done.

 Our HL7 TCP/IP Listener has many great features including:

  • Can be run as a MS Windows service OR as a desktop application
  • Easy to use. Configure and start running in minutes
  • MSH Validation and custom negative acknowledgements (NAKS)
  • Free monitor application
  • Free HL7 Router (Sender) simulator application

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Download The HL7+ Client Console

MS Windows 64 bit .MSI installer Click HERE to download the installer for the MS-Windows 64 bit operating systems.