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Main Window (Subscription View)

Main Window (Subscription View)



HL7+ subscriptions are good for approximately 1 year. We say approximately because you can renew your subscription early (up to 4 months before it expires) so you may see in your management console that your subscription expires more than 1 year from the current date. Whenever you renew your subscription notification of that renewal is automatically distributed to all of your HL7+ Client Installations which have local internet access within 24 hours so there is no additional action required from you to insure that those installations keep running. You can use the Reports to see if any of your HL7+ Client Installations are not communicating with the HermeTech HL7+ web services.


After you log in you can always Refresh your data to see any of the latest changes.


Click the Installations button on the toolbar to switch to Installations View.


If you ever have any questions at all about your subscription then you can contact customer service 24/7









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