HL7+ System Requirements

System and Hardware Requirements for the HL7+ Management Console


Microsoft Windows Operating System of a recent(ish) vintage. For instance, we've never certified it on Windows XP or Server 2000.

The Microsoft .Net Framework version 4.

Internet access. Further you must allow the program (HL7PlusManagementConsole.exe) access to the internet through your firewalls, proxy, etc.

8 GB of RAM (just because Microsoft hates anything less). The program itself will typically only use between 50 and 75 MB of RAM.

25 MB of HDD space for the installation.


animatedlinkNOTE: The HL7+ Management Console software actually doesn't store any data on your computer. It is just a thick-client secure interface to our web-services. If you check Downloads you can even download a Thumb-Drive installation which is the software in a ZIP file which you can just unzip onto a thumb drive and run from there on any Windows computer that meets the minimum specs above. You don't even have to run an installation.


(YouTube) How to Upgrade Your Management Console Software


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