HL7+ Billing

Whenever you perform a billable action like activating or renewing your HL7+ subscription or creating a LIVE HL7+ Installation an invoice for that action will be automatically created. As it is created automated notification emails will be sent to the recipient(s) you have entered into your Billing Profile informing them that an invoice has been created and how much that invoice is for. See the Cost Schedule for current pricing.


You can view your invoices in the main window (subscription view).


Invoices shown in the main window (subscription view)

Invoices shown in the main window (subscription view)




Whenever you refresh your data your HL7+ Management Console will retrieve your recent billing history. You will see ALL unpaid/pending invoices as well as any other invoices created within the past 90 days. You can filter your view of the invoices by selecting either All, Paid, or Pending.


Click the Report button next to any invoice to view the invoice so you can (if needed) export it to MS Word, Adobe PDF, etc for printing or delivery to your accounts payable department. If you wish to pay your invoices by credit card or PayPal we can also generate a 'shadow' online invoice for you (see Your Billing Profile for more information).


All invoices are created for immediate payment (IE they are due when created), however, as long as you pay your invoices within reason (like Net30) your account will remain in good standing.


animatedlinkDo I have to pay the invoice before I get what I need? No! Your order is always immediately filled simultaneously with the invoice being generated, so you get it first and pay afterward. There is only ONE exception to this and that is your very first invoice to Activate your DEMO subscription. This invoice must be paid before your subscription is activated.






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